Cruise Ship Visitors and WIMPS

The Best Part of Roatan is Underwater

Whether you are an experienced veteran diver or someone with a curious interest in unique ecosystems, explore the underwater world of Roatan with us and learn about the best part of the island for yourself.

If one or both of your parents taught you that the best thing to do with water is to mix it with whiskey and you are a Baby Boomer, a Senior Citizen and/or a WIMP (Warm Intelligent Mature Person) then please read on.

In a cool, dry, comfortable tropical setting learn about Roatan from an island dinosaur, Doc Radawski.
With a viewpoint tempered by 30 years of living on Roatan, he will take you on an incredible journey, which begins in the depths of the ocean and ends with a panoramic view from the top of the island’s hills.

In plain English, learn more than you ever wanted to know about the history, geography and biology of Roatan.

For the premiere learning experience of your cruise, book now!!!
Space is limited to 6 persons.

Since you will be arriving on a cruise ship, we can arrange your transfers from the port to the dive shop and back.

Cruise ship Sunset