Roatan (Location/Maps)


How to reach Roatan (Bay Islands) by plane?

* From USA:
There are direct flights to ROATAN with TACA Airlines from:
New Orleans (departure on Fridays)
Houston (departure on Saturdays)
Miami (departure on Sundays)

From most International Airports in the US there are flights to SAN PEDRO SULA and TEGUCIGALPA with Continental and American Airlines on a daily base. You can continue with Sosa and Islena Airlines. They have daily connections to the Bay Islands.

For best available fares including contract and bulk rates, call Roatan Charter. Please have travel dates and passenger names available.
For an air quote, please provide dates of travel, full names and itinerary: [email protected]

* From Europe:
From every main airport city in Europe you have flights to New Orleans, Houston and Miami, there you continue your route to Roatan.

* From Central America (Mexico City, Guatemala City, Nicaragua, El Salvador):
There are daily flights to SAN PEDRO SULA and TEGUCIGALPA with TACA Airlines or other Central American airlines.


How to reach Roatan (Bay Islands) by boat?

* From Honduras (mainland):
Every day there is a ferry connection from Honduras mainland to the Bay Islands.
The company Safeway’s Galaxy takes care of this service.

The price of one way economy class is Lempira 140/person (US$9.0556) (July 2001).
The price of one way first class is Lempira 195/person (US$12.6132) (July 2001).
The roundtrip is the double of the one way ticket.
The price of a freight (extra boxes or bags) is Lempira 30 (US$1.9404) (July 2001).

Safeway Marine office phone numbers:
Roatan    +504 – 445 17 95
Roatan    +504 – 445 12 50
La Ceiba +504 – 991 63 53

Departure Arrival
  ROATAN –> LA CEIBA: 07:00am 08:45am
  LA CEIBA –> ROATAN: 03:30pm 05:15pm



How to reach West End – Tyll’s Dive by car?

* From airport (car rental): Leaving the airport parking, you turn left on the paved road(*). You follow this road for about 12 km. This road ends in the Village of West End. You turn to your left on the dirt/beach sand road and continue for 500m. You will recognize Tyll’s Dive by the logo.

(*)There is just one paved road, which connects East and West sides of Roatan Island.

Sand street in West End

How to reach West End – Tyll’s Dive by public transport?

* By bus:
You take a public mini bus at the park in the center of Coxen Hole.
You ask if it goes to West End – Tyll’s Dive.
The price is Lempira 10/person (US$0.6468) (July 2001).

* By taxi:
You take a cab from Coxen Hole and ask for West End – Tyll’s Dive.
For collectivo (sharing), the price is Lempira 20/person (US$1.2936) (July 2001).
For directo (no extra passengers) the price is Lempira 50/person (US$3.2341) (July 2001).



Currency Exchange Rates and Other Obscure Economic Minutia

As of July 6, 2001 the exchange rate was L15.4615 to one U.S. dollar. (Actual currency)


View Coral Reef Hill View Roatan
Snacks and Junk Food


  • They are available, supplies and selection can be limited. Current prices are about three to four times higher than in the USA.
  • The selection of fruits and vegetables on the island can be limited and is pricey compared to the mainland. If you like fruit, I would suggest buying some on the mainland to bring out to the island.


End of the day – West End